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Microsoft Technology

Microsoft is a main worldwide seller of PC software and hardware for computer, versatile and gaming frameworks and cloud administrations.

Microsoft technologies are the conventional way for designing and developing websites and other content creation. Our team at Gatetouch has an exceptional skill set and experience that can provide you with a unique application and website. Microsoft has a variety of resources to choose from including competitive features and tools.

We possess extremely talented human resources that can assist you with web and native applications using .NET technologies. 

Microsoft Technologies - Gatetouch
Microsoft Technologies - Gatetouch

The pace at which this technology is changing is rapid and is not going to slow down in near future. The advantage of using .NET is that it allows the rapid development of robust applications.

We have proved ourselves to be one of the leading providers of services using Microsoft technologies in various projects. These include Net desktop and web application development, Azure development (Cloud solutions), windows mobile apps, third-party tools integration, application maintenance and support, and much more.  


Designing the best
architecture based on the
specific requirements of the user.


Development starts and the
product is being built with the
help of different programming languages.


Testing of the product takes place
and defects are reported, fixed,
and retested until the standard
is achieved.


Maintenance is done after the
product is released into
the market.

Elements of Microsoft Technologies

.NET Consulting Services

We provide .NET consulting services by using the latest version of the .NET framework. We provide consulting services if you are looking to integrate your product with other technologies.

.NET Application Development Services

.NET is a dynamic tool where the application is built with reduced development time and minimal errors. Also with its help, one can have a strategic solution with this tool for coding and designing.

.NET Integration Services

We provide .NET integration services such as Active integration and Process Application integration, Enterprise Application integration services, and integration with back-end databases.

SharePoint Application Development Services

It is basically a Content Management system that stores important data. We are a leading provider of SharePoint Application Development Services with a workforce specialized in custom solutions and testing of SharePoint applications.

.NET Product Customization Services

.NET product customization service is possible because of the flexible and understandable technology. With the use of improved versions and support, we are able to provide highly customized services.

Xamarin Application Development Services

Get high-end and top-notch cross-mobile application services for different mobile platforms with Xamarin Application Development Services provided by us.

Application Migration Services

Migrate a software application from one computing environment to another, from one data center to another, and from one cloud to another with our application migration services.

Azure Cloud Solutions Services

Get faster solutions at an affordable rate in a flexible and scalable way with our Azure Cloud Solutions Services at IaaS and PaaS levels.

We have wide encounter in VB. net, XML, C#, WinForms, web solutions and SQL Server repository to create Cogent apps,

  • Cost-effective Solution
  • Dedicated resource for ongoing project
  • Updated with latest technologies and framework
  • Free Support for 6 month on every project

We have experience in building successful applications in .NET like…

  • Hotel Management system
  • POS System for Retail company
  • University Management System
  • Social media website
Microsoft Platform - Gatetouch



Working hours
were spent

We are having experienced teams of architects and developers who have done extensive work in developing applications using most of the Microsoft Technologies and especially we help you leverage the experience of one of the best SharePoint solutions teams.

Our Microsoft
Technology work

INBSYS Intrnational

INBSYS Intrnational

International Institute for Complementary Therapists

International Institute for Complementary Therapists

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