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Pay-per-click is a model of web marketing where promoters pay a charge each time one of their advertisements is clicked.

GateTouch is having about 10 years of experience in providing cloud-based services with its exceptional workforce and skills. Cloud development service is a kind of service that is available for users whenever they demand services from cloud computing provider.

We provide cloud development services in all three types Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and software as a Service. We also assist in understanding key challenges in dealing with cloud-based services and help in overcoming the same.

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Nowadays Pay per click is the most commonly used method of advertisement as it is a product-oriented Advertisement process having lower cost and higher sales conversion ratio compared to any other method.

How PPC is Useful?

The most important thing in the PPC advertisement are keywords related to our products, as the search engine will show your advertisement on basis of the search by any user. The more relevant the keyword is to your Product, the more chances of showing an advertisement for the search.


Product is developed and
is launched in the new market.


Demand increases as the
product gets recognition and
the brand awareness increases.


The demand for the product
decreases slowly as
substitute enters the market.


Product enters the Product
life cycle again and R&D
needs to be improved.

Flat-rate PPC

Flat-rate PPC is a type where the Cost per Click is agreed upon by the Advertiser and the search engine at the time of agreement of Advertisement only. It is determined by the two ways, either the publisher has a pre-determined Rate for the Advertisement or the publisher will value based on the demand i.e. how much others are willing to pay for the same Advertisement.

off page seo in India - Gatetouch
off page seo in India - Gatetouch

Bid-based PPC

Bid Based PPC process is where you set the Maximum Cost per click you can afford to pay and the highest Bidder will have the Advertisement on the Screen first. Thus to show your advertisement on the top you need to keep the Max bid Amount of the Cost Per Click as high as possible so that to achieve greater results.


Cost per click is the cost that an advertiser needs to pay for each click generated by an Advertisement. It is simply calculated by dividing the Aggregate cost of an Advertisement by Clicks on the Advertisement. Thus to achieve the average cost per click for our advertisement.

pay par click - gatetouch

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work for.

Sports Rehabilitation & Exercises – SportsInjuryClinic

Taxi Mom Families – A non profit company that bridges the gap between families, communities, and businesses.

Private parking | onstreet parking | handicap spots | parking solution

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Sports Rehabilitation & Exercises – SportsInjuryClinic

Sports rehabilitation – principles of, for specific sports injuries, sports massage, strapping and taping, early, mid and late stage exercises.
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Taxi Mom Families – A non profit company that bridges the gap between families, communities, and businesses.

Our Mission To increase the quality of life and productivity of disadvantaged students by providing funding for mobility options to meet and increase their basic travel needs...
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Private parking | onstreet parking | handicap spots | parking solution

Spotiz is an application where you can book parking spots on your convenient time and you can also add your parking space and earn money.
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