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Open Source Platform.

Open-source platform imparts similarities to free programming and is important for the more extensive term free and open-source platform.
Open-source software otherwise called OSS, is a sort of program wherein source code is delivered under a license where the copyright holder awards clients the rights to utilize, study, change, and appropriate the software to anybody and for any reason.  Open-source software might be created in a shared public way. Open-source software is a noticeable case of open coordinated effort.
Open source is considered to have more adaptable guidelines than free programming since it permits organizations and developers to force certain utilization limitations and licenses so as to ensure the code’s trustworthiness. In other words, free programming, carefully, should in a real sense stick to the four purposes of opportunity
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open source platform
  • There is an opportunity to execute the code in any way one wishes and for whatever reason one wishes.
  • The code can be conveyed uninhibitedly, either without cost or with a charge.
  • The source code can be known and altered completely.
  • Changes to the code can likewise be uninhibitedly circulated with or without cost.

Open source contribution can be.
an astounding learning experience

Subsystem Maintainer

Simple and for the most part free
admittance to the web has brought
about the developing utilization of
the open-source platforms.


The Open Source platform
maintenance measure is formal
even anybody can submit
changes or imperfection reports to its projects.


In the event that a piece of
programming is open source,
its source code is unreservedly
accessible for alteration,
rearrangement, and business use.

Content Management System

A Content Management System [CMS] is a product stage that allows its clients to users, alter, document, team up, report, distribute, circulate and advise.

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
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Content Management System (CMS) - Gatetouch

E-Commerce Platform.

Electronic commerce or e-commerce is a plan of action that lets firms and people purchase and sell things over the web. Our company works in six of the accompanying significant market fragments.

  • BIgCommerce
  • Zen Cart
  • Oscommerce

Model View Controller​

Model–view–controller is a software design pattern commonly used for developing user interfaces that divide the related program logic into three interconnected elements.

  • Codeigniter
  • Zend 2 Framework
  • Cake PHP
  • Laravel
  • Symfony
  • Slim Framework (REST)
  • Yii Framework
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Social Proof Ninja | Helping business owners make more sales

Social Proof Ninja | Helping business owners make more sales

Sports Rehabilitation & Exercises – SportsInjuryClinic

Sports Rehabilitation & Exercises – SportsInjuryClinic

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Help Center – Spotiz

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Social Proof Ninja | Helping business owners make more sales

Helping business owners make more sales

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    Sports Rehabilitation & Exercises – SportsInjuryClinic

    Sports rehabilitation – principles of, for specific sports injuries, sports massage, strapping and taping, early, mid and late stage exercises.

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